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Unprecedented Performance & Economics

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Transforming Magnet Technology. Driving a Global Market.

The Beating Heart of e-Mobility

eMobility is the Electrification of Transportation

Replacing Engines with Electric Motors

Motors are Driven by Magnets

AML enables the most advanced magnets available

Optimizing Electric Propulsion Motors

Capability, Performance, Size, Weight & Cost

Partnering with Transformative Industry Leaders

To solve the challenges of magnet-based applications to the benefit of humanity.


Making Waves

PM-Wire in the news

When you’re making waves in the world, people start paying attention to what you’re doing and get interested in telling your story for themselves. We’re very excited that AML and the story of our transformative work with PM-Wire™, PM-360™, and our Perfect-Field Process is getting ink in the industry press on a regular basis.

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Perfect-Field Magnets

Our revolutionary 3D application development and manufacturing process enables us to create the world’s best magnets. Precisely shaping and directing the magnetic field better than ever before possible. Learn more >>

Better Permanent Magnets

Our PM-360 technology empowers scientists and engineers, enabling them to create products optimized for their needs with magnets they can be design to their own best shape, size, field strength, and field direction. Learn more >>

Industry Applications

Nothing’s changed in 200 years. Until now! AML is making permanent and electro magnets that will transform every industry from aerospace to energy, eMobility to medical, environment, science & beyond. Learn more >>

Improved Performance at a Lower Cost

Increased efficiency, lighter, smaller, higher torque, less vibration.



What’s in the Back Room?

In developing our industry-changing technologies, we’ve discovered numerous additional approaches that are making waves in other industries – medical, environment, quantum computing, research & more.

Learn more about our capabilities and how you could partner with us.

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