The Back Room


Behind the scenes AML is busy developing new game-changing applications

AML has a deep portfolio of magnet and magnet-based applications which have very high impact potential.  This includes impacting the sectors of medical, energy and the environment.

AML’s business model seeks to partner with sector and market focused companies and organizations who have the experience, motivation and capacity to commercialize.

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  • Superconducting Wind Turbine Generators
  • Homopolar Electrical Machines



  • Method to rapidly deploy and stop oil leaks/spills.  (i.e. The Horizon Oil Spill).  Patented



  • Space Radiation Shielding, Energy Devices, Electromagnetic Launch



Numerous medical techniques and treatments are based on the unique feature of magnetic fields to act over a distance without direct mechanical contact. Magnetic fields generated and controlled outside of the human body are being used to cause internal effects without mechanical penetration into the patient’s body. Among these techniques are: 

Cardiac procedures: AML’s solution uses novel magnetic field configurations for a non-invasive method to remove plaque from blood vessels in cardio-vascular systems.  Patented

Cancer Treatment(Charged particle therapy): regarded by most oncologists as the preferred choice for treating tumors, it utilizes magnets for steering, focusing and correcting particle beams for delivering protons to eradicate cancerous tissue with virtually no harm to healthy tissue.  AML is an industry leader in this area of charged particle beam magnetics. 10+ Patents

Magnetic Particle Imaging: an emerging medical imaging technique having the potential as a safer alternative to X-ray and CT scanning. Imaging technique that detects the magnetic properties of nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream to produce highly precise 3D images.

Targeted Drug Delivery: enables target delivery of therapeutic chemicals in the form of coated magnetic micro and nano-particles to selected regions of the body via the vascular system or through soft tissue such as the brain.

Medical Therapy and Stimulation: a non-invasive method of stimulating the brain and peripheral nervous system using magnetically induced electrical currents. AML has experience with Silicon Valley company in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

Treatment of Infectious Diseases: magnetic properties (high iron content) of the contained within the malaria infected red blood cells can be separated from non-infected cells using special magnetic separation techniques.

Other: MRI, NMR, EPR, Diagnostics