“Perfect-Field” Magnet Product Line

Up to 40 times improved magnetic field quality at higher magnetic field with less power and 50% less footprint

AML is enabling the first commercially available “Perfect-Field Magnets” (PFMs) for applications requiring highly uniform magnetic field such as quantum computing, manufacturing, medical, research, and more.


The Perfect Solution for Game-Changing Applications

The Perfect-Field Magnet is designed for the customer with the most challenging applications and requirements currently not available in the market today. The PFM products are the result of a technology platform consisting of proprietary software and magnet technologies developed over the course of several decades, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems involving magnetics, including magnets for high energy physics particle accelerators, AC losses measurements in superconductors, heavy ion cancer therapy, MRI, and much more.

AML technology provides the ability to achieve unprecedented magnetic field uniformity with unique geometries, all while delivering a product that utilizes less power with a reduced footprint.


A Technological and Economical Upgrade from Helmholtz Magnets

AML has been busy in the “lab” developing novel solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems involving magnetics for well over four decades. Our Perfect-Field Magnets embody a number of these breakthroughs, intellectual property, and processes – yielding an unmatched product not seen in over 200 years.


AML’s Perfect-Field Magnets

Perfect-Field Magnets provide the “highest field quality” available at a pricing point competitive with existing products, while delivering such features as:

  • Up to 40X higher magnetic field uniformity
  • Greater than 2X increase in magnetic field
  • 50% smaller
  • 40% less power
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 axis
  • Scalable and customizable

PFMs have a field variation in “Good Field Region” of less than 0.001% with a magnetic field starting at ~ 50 Gauss or nearly 100 times earth’s magnetic field.


AML vs. Competition

AML wins in all categories!  “See the data”



For more information and to obtain a quotation contact us at: www.perfect-field.com