Partnering with Industry

Economic and Environmental Impact

For high impact applications such as energy, transportation and medical treatments, AML partners with sector and market focused companies who have the experience, motivation and capacity to commercialize.  This allows AML to focus on what AML does best – Magnets!

AML’s business model leverages a deep portfolio of magnet and magnet-based applications which have very high impact potential with industry through a variety of relationships.  This includes joint developments, joint ventures and company spin-offs.

Partners range startups to Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies.


Example applications

Superconductivity, next generation wind turbines, medical breakthroughs for heart disease and cancer and more efficient motors for e-Mobility.


Example technology

PM-Wire™.  A novel manufacturing solution for permanent magnets  greatly addresses the world’s “rare-earth” problem.  The high cost, complexity, danger to assemble and reliance on Chinese labor. The economic benefit includes lower cost magnets and improved performance while eliminating waste and eliminating the hazardous manual assembly processes.


Social Impact

AML through its Chilean joint venture the Impact Innovation Alliance (IIA) provides innovative technology and a center of excellence for the research, design and industrialization of high impact solutions.

The IIA venture was seeded by the Chilean government and brings together the following organizations for creating “Innovation with Purpose” projects. generating technological solutions of high economic, social and environmental impact for different industries.


If you can imagine an innovative magnet-based application that could transform your market, we can help you make it a reality. 

Join the Revolution!