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AML’s “Design to Delivery” Process – Example Application

Market Sectors


AML Introduction for Aerospace

Hybrid-Electric and Distributed Propulsion Technologies for Large Commercial Air Transports: A NASA Perspective [AML Collaboration Shown on Slide 28]


Offshore Wind Turbine Generators

International Innovation – A Renewable Future

Department of Energy – New Superconducting Magnet Will Lead to Next Generation of Wind Turbine Generators

Wind’s Super Cool Future – Recharge News

The Innovators in Superconductivity – Space Coast BusinessNo

AML Large Scale Wind Energy Systems -WFES 2015


Medical Cancer Treatment – Proton & Carbon Therapy

AML Charged Particle Therapy Gantry Solutions

AML Enabled – Alternating-gradient canted cosine theta superconducting magnets for future compact proton gantries

Actively-Shielded, Bent Gantry System for Ion Beam Therapy


Particle Accelerator Technologies & Applications