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AML Appoints Aerospace Expert to the Board of Advisors

Melbourne, Florida: AML Superconductivity and Magnetics (AML) announced that Marshall L. Heard, retired Vice President of The Boeing Company was appointed to the Company’s board of advisors.

“Marshall has an exceptional background with over 50 years of experience in the aerospace industry including managing numerous dollar programs for Boeing. The addition of Marshall bolsters AML’s team for commercialization of AML’s electric aircraft propulsion motor business. AML is very fortunate to have Marshall’s sector experience in engineering, marketing, business development, and program management.”

Marshall L. Heard Bio


AML’s Magnet Technology Recognized As Enabler For Cancer Treatment

Through support from the Department of Energy, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in collaboration with Switzerland’s Paul Scherrer Institute and leading medical company Varian Technologies are applying AML’s enabling technologies for demonstration of next generation charged particle therapy beam optics for cancer treatment such as proton and carbon therapy.

Most oncologists regard particle therapy as the preferred choice for treating tumors, it utilizes magnets for steering, focusing and correcting particle beams for delivering protons to eradicate cancerous tissue with virtually no harm to healthy tissue. However, these large, hospital size facilities are very expensive and therefore limit availability to patients’ world-wide.

One key cost driver, is the very large and heavy magnets located on the particle beam delivery “gantry” which can weigh over 600 tons. The magnets are used to bend the beam around the gantry and deliver the beam to the patient.

AML’s Double-HelixTM technologies enables magnet configurations that uniquely address such issues. For applications such as particle therapy this includes: bent (canted) and highly-pure magnetic fields; combined function fields; high ramp rates; quench free stabilized structures all protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio.

AML Enabled – Alternating-gradient canted cosine theta superconducting magnets for future compact proton gantries.

AML Appoints Medical Device Expert to the Board of Advisors

Melbourne, Florida: AML Superconductivity and Magnetics (AML) announced that Michael J. Partsch, a venture capitalist, serial medical device entrepreneur, and presently CEO of privately held AcceleMed Management, Inc. was appointed to the Company’s board of advisors.

“Mike has an extraordinary background with nearly 25 years of medical device startup and company exit experience and we are delighted that he is joining AML’s team,” said Mark Senti, AML President. “The addition of Mike to the Advisory Board is perfectly aligned with AML’s strategy to leverage AML’s unique technologies currently applied in non-medical markets for medical device products.”

Partsch currently serves as CEO of AcceleMed Management, Inc., a privately held company located in San Carlos, Calif., a medical device innovation company dedicated to accelerating the development of medical device innovation. Partsch has been active in California’s Silicon Valley for over 10 years, bringing together technologies and clinicians for magnetic related treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate regions of the brain for treating depression, pain and addiction with strong potential for other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy.

Michael J. Partsch Bio 

AML Expands Its Business Opening Of An Office In The Silicon Valley

Melbourne, Florida: AML Superconductivity and Magnetics (AML), currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a leading technology developer, announced today that it is moving its business development activities to the Silicon Valley. Now based out of Palo Alto, California, AML’s new business activities  leverages the Valley’s unique ecosystem of leading technology companies, research and the world’s hotbed for venture capital.

According to the Company’s Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Dr. Rainer Meinke, “I am extremely excited with this decision to put the company at center-stage for global deployment of our proven technology platform in new markets – such as game changing medical diagnosis and treatments.”

The move is expected to result in significant business engagements based on the strong value proposition for enabling high-impact applications within a business environment that thrives on next generation solutions for energy, medicine, water, and the environment.

“Business development activities will leverage AML’s existing relationships with leading organizations in the Silicon Valley to establish joint product developments, technology licensing and the creation of new medical device focused companies,” says Mark Senti, AML President, who will lead this initiative.

Chile’s President Visits AML’s Laboratory in Viña Del Mar

On July 17, 2015 Chile’s President, Michelle Bachelet, accompanied by the Minister of Ecomomics, Development and Tourism, Luis Felipe Céspedes; the Mayor of Valparaiso, Ricardo Bravo and the Mayor of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato, toured the laboratories and facilities which house AML’s Impact Innovation Alliance and its joint venture partner Advanced Innovation Center – Chile. The center’s director, Alfredo Zolezzi, hosted the visit.

The innovation center provides unique capabilities and technologies for research and development aimed at addressing high impact applications for energy, water and the environment. Core technologies such as superconductivity, magnetics and plasma are currently being applied for the development of potable water sanitization systems and industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

The President addressed the innovation team members and press where she stressed the importance of innovation which – “in addition to a technical or scientific value, has great value for the community, because they generate economic, social and environmental impact. There is no doubt achieving this virtuous combination is the greatest merit of the project led by Alfredo Zolezzi.”

Photos courtesy of the Government of Chile

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Superconductivity On A Grand Scale

[International Innovation: A Renewable Future – Issue 178]  AML Superconductivity and Magnetics is a US-based application development and licensing company devoted to the worldwide commercialization of superconducting- and magnet-based solutions, and it is on its way to cementing its position as a world leader in the field….

Dr Rainer Meinke, Mark Senti and Vernon Prince discuss their work bringing superconductivity- and magnet-based innovations to market

Full Article

PDF Download – International Innovation – A Renewable Future

AML’s Innovative Solution for Missions Into Deep Space

[Spaceflight Insider, Jason Rhian]:  One of the most commonly-asked questions in terms of space flight is: “Why haven’t we gone beyond the Moon since the early 1970s?” There are any number of answers that one can provide, politics, funding, and other issues can all be offered up. In terms of missions into deep space, there are more than a few technical hurdles that need to be addressed prior to crews traveling to destinations such as the planet Mars. The time spent between worlds holds all sorts of dangers, from the threat caused by the weakening of the body in the microgravity environment, micrometeoroids – as well as the threat posed by radiation.

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Active Radiation Shielding 6+1 graphic

World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi UAE

AML Large-Scale Energy Solutions for Sustainability 

Palm Bay, Florida (January 6, 2015): AML Superconductivity and Magnetics will introduce their large-scale energy programs at one of the world’s leading energy and sustainability events January 19-22 in Abu Dhabi UAE. The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is the world’s foremost event dedicated to renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean technologies. Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the WFES Exhibition is an international business platform that connects project owners and solution providers to investors and buyers from the public and private sector.

As part of a select group of projects, AML will showcase its flagship program for large, 10MW+ Wind Turbine Generators. This program provides a platform for commercialization of superconducting energy systems with these large machines serving as a foundation for a broader range of high-value products such as electrical grid components, industrial motors, water and environment. In conjunction with the WFES activities, AML delegates have a strategic schedule of project and business development activities for ongoing collaborations in the UAE Region.

Located at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the WFES Conference attracts world leaders, international policy makers, industry experts, and investors from the public and private sector, who gather in Abu Dhabi to discuss practical and sustainable solutions to future energy challenges.



Florida’s Best Honored at Hard Rock Live

Florida celebrated entrepreneurial rock star companies and highlighted the importance of second-stage businesses to Florida’s economy. More than 450 people attended the event, held at Hard Rock Live, CityWalk in Orlando. Florida Companies to Watch is an awards program that celebrates privately held second-stage companies headquartered in the state. Awardees are selected for demonstrating the intent and capacity to grow based on employee or sales growth, exceptional entrepreneurial leadership, sustainable competitive advantage, outstanding corporate culture, inspired community giving and other notable strengths.