Design, Manufacturing & Testing

Design, Manufacturing & Testing

Headquartered in Palm Bay, Florida, AML’s multi-million-dollar manufacturing facility supports the entire end-to-end Perfect-FieldTM Application Development Process.  AML has nearly 20 years of experience in designing, optimizing, and manufacturing superconducting and normal conducting magnet systems.

AML’s technologies and knowhow provide the foundation for the development of state-of-the-art superconducting applications. Core to AML’s technology and capabilities is a team of international experts in the fields of high-power magnet systems, superconductivity, robotics and manufacturing automation.

Design:  AML CoilCADTM Magnet Design, Analysis and Optimization

Complex winding geometries like our Double-HelixTM coils, which can be bent or twisted, or produced in many other radical configurations are extremely difficult or impossible to describe in commercially available software packages. To overcome these shortcomings, AML has developed powerful software for the design and optimization of such windings.

AML’s proprietary CoilCADTM 3D design and optimization software enables theoretical fields to be described as the complete 3D conductor path, in arbitrary coil winding configurations. Once the design optimized for all performance aspects of the coil, the software directly generates machine code for highly automated manufacturing. In fact, there is no manufacturing limit (or penalty) for even the most complex coil windings.

Every aspect of the design and manufacturing is considered within CoilCADTM software. It accommodates even the trickiest details such as including each coil lead wire and interconnection between layers or sub-coils in the coil winding description. The space curves describing the winding geometry can be extruded to describe any conductor cross-section, with multi-dimensional integrals solved using Monte-Carlo techniques to perform field calculations.

Finite-element analysis is built in–providing tools to calculate iron contributions, eddy current effects and other factors. The applied approach is unmatched in computational speed, making multi-parameter optimizations that could only be done on supercomputers if the field calculations were based on a standard finite-element approach.

In combination with innovative manufacturing processes, designs are performance-optimized with unprecedented freedom:

  • Complete control over 3D current density distribution
  • Unlimited design freedom over 3D conductor layout
  • Variation of conductor shape and cross section throughout winding
  • Unprecedented freedom in conductor material choice
  • Direct output of the final design to precision automated manufacturing machines

Optimized coil designs are automatically converted to CNC machining codes for precision and tooling-free manufacturing.


AML has a wide range of innovative but proven capabilities, which include the development of advanced composites and coil winding technologies, as well as the integration of design and manufacturing into a highly precise and automated process.


Proprietary composites developed by AML are produced and incorporated into manufacturing which includes an Autoclave for controlled vacuum, pressure and temperature processing.

CoilCADTM, AML’s unique 3D design software, is fully integrated in the manufacturing process through a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) module that automatically generates machine code to drive CNC machines.

The result of an automated manufacturing process is:

  • The elimination of cumbersome and costly tooling
  • Precision placement and stabilization of coil conductors
  • Significantly reduction in overall manufacturing cost
  • Consistent and reliable end products

AML’s wide range of manufacturing processes allows us to meet our customers’ diverse magnet requirements.

  • Conventional and CNC machining centers
  • Micro-machining systems
  • Composite process equipment
  • Welding
  • Coil winding (2D and 3D)

Among those tools is a six-axis numerically controlled machining system capable of handling magnets as long as 4.5 meters in length and a turning diameter of over 1.5 meters.

AML is ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Compliant

Test and Validation

In support of our development activities, AML maintains a complete, state-of-the-art testing capability that includes advanced test equipment and unique, proprietary methods for thoroughly testing both normal and superconducting magnet systems. Our capabilities include:

  • Ultra-high vacuum system and leak detection
  • High speed/high sensitivity data acquisition for magnet test and quench detection
  • Field uniformity measurement for multipole analysis
  • 3D field scanning

Unique to AML are…

  • Sophisticated magnet Field Uniformity Measurement System that provide the most precise measurement and analysis available. AML uses this system to validate that product has achieved the specified “Perfect-Field”.


  • Quench Detection Systems for superconducting magnets, which AML has established as the industry standard for controlling, monitoring and operation. In fact, these systems are sold by AML to leading laboratories such as U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE), Argonne National Laboratory.
  • AC Loss Measurement System, the first-of-its-kind, system for analyzing superconducting magnets applied to rotating machines. This system was designed, constructed and co-funded by AML and a collaborative team of world experts from the Department Of Energy, NASA and Florida State University. The system is located at the Center for Advanced Power Systems in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • AML also collaborates with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the Florida State University in Tallahassee for many of our advanced superconducting magnet tests.