A New Permanent Magnet Technology – PM-Wire™

Reduces cost, increases the reliability and enables new applications


Process allows highly automated, safe, mass-production, including complex and “wire like”, shape forms

Benefits of PM-Wire™

  • Enabling- low-cost Halbach array magnets and assemblies
  • Flexibility- unrestrained shapes & sizes
  • Greater Performance– precise magnetization / magnetic flux direction
  • Increase Structural Integrity – high RPM motors/generators
  • Enables Cooling – jacket seals and protects PM materials from cooling media
  • Higher Reliability – more robust PM components and PM assemblies
  • Easier and Safer – simplified manufacturing of PM based products
  • Lower Cost Manufacturing – mass produced, in process forming of cross-section, long length pieces and increases PM material yield (10%-30%)


The proposed technology is a novel process that can compact, shape, sinter and magnetize the permanent magnet material in a highly automated and high-rate process and still provide unique flexibility in terms of shape and continuously changing magnetization direction. The PM-Wire process for fabricating a continuous flux Halbach array is particularly innovative.

– U.S. Department of Energy Technology Reviewer –


PM-360™– Enabled by PM-Wire™

  “Better than Halbach Arrays”

Unprecedented Performance – motors, generators, magnetic gearboxes, magnetic bearings, levitation, manufacturing and more

  • High Power Density
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Significantly Lower Cost Over Existing Solutions


PM-360™ – Wins over conventional

Permanent magnet motor rotor comparison – array of magnets

  • Provides the highest usable magnetic field in the gap between motor rotor and stator
  • Eliminates the need for iron (weight)
  • Provides increased efficiency, higher torque, less vibration
  • Eliminates provides intrinsic containment of centrifugal forces in high RPM machines
  • All, at a lower cost


New Motor Design

  • PM-360™ Dual Rotor Configuration
  • 30% to ~50%  Improved Performance


Existing Motor Designs

  • Plug-and-play. No Change to motor design ~10%  Torque Increase
  • Design Change to Stator ~30% Torque Increase
  • Lower cost


Drone Motor Example



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