Creating powerful new treatments and procedures

For over 20 years, AML has been developing novel magnet technologies which are well suited for medical solutions. Applied to medical applications, magnetic fields provide minimal to non-invasive diagnostics and treatments. Tremendous potential exists for addressing some of medicines greatest challenges such as cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders – significantly improving the quality and length of life.

background for medical applications

AML enables a new generation of medical breakthrough applications

The capabilities of AML’s Perfect-Field Application Development Process remove constraints that have inhibited the design and manufacturing of new generations of precise, high-performance medical applications.  Applications that are ripe for development include:

  • Charged particle therapy: regarded by most oncologists as the preferred choice for treating tumors, it utilizes magnets for steering, focusing and correcting particle beams for delivering protons to eradicate cancerous tissue with virtually no harm to healthy tissue.  AML is an industry leader in this area of charged particle beam magnetics.
  • AML Charged Particle Therapy Gantry Solutions

    • Cardiac procedures: AML’s innovative concept, which uses novel magnetic field configurations for a non-invasive method to remove of plaque from blood vessels in cardio-vascular systems.
    • Magnetic Particle Imaging: an emerging medical imaging technique having the potential as a safer alternative to X-ray and CT scanning. Imaging technique that detects the magnetic properties of nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream to produce highly precise 3D images.
    • Targeted drug delivery: enables target delivery of therapeutic chemicals in the form of coated magnetic micro and nano-particles to selected regions of the body via the vascular system or through soft tissue such as the brain.
    • Medical therapy and stimulation: a non-invasive method of stimulating the brain and peripheral nervous system using magnetically induced electrical currents.
    • Treatment of Infectious Diseases: magnetic properties (high iron content) of the contained within the malaria infected red blood cells can be separated from non-infected cells using special magnetic separation techniques.
    • In-body navigation: enables precise control of diagnostic and therapeutic devices by external magnetic fields.
    • Medical research: AML’s magnet technologies provide enabling and revolutionary features for researchers, such as 3D Programmable Field Direction with high field quality over a large volume of the sample space.
    • And many other advanced applications, including
      • Blood Clot Removal
      • Next-generation MRI

    If you can envision an advanced new medical application, we can help you make it a reality — with a development and demonstration model that is geared for the demands of the medical and pharma marketplace, email us at: