Superconductivity is changing the energy landscape

Nowhere is the promise of superconductivity greater than in the vast arena we call energy—including energy generation, energy distribution, energy storage and energy use.

AML is firmly at the forefront of this energy revolution, thanks to unique know-how and a technology foundation comprised of innovative design, unmatched magnetic performance and automated manufacturing. We use these technology building blocks to create a whole new class of product platforms, including motors, generators, synchronous condensers, propulsion systems and power distribution. This unmatched combination of technology, knowledge and experience enables the creation of vastly improved energy solutions.

background for applications

See how AML has defined offshore turbine technology for the U.S. Department of Energy

AML’s technology and knowledge accelerates energy innovation

With our patented Perfect-FieldTM Application Development Process, AML provides the path for a broad array of new and improved energy applications.  Such innovations will be made commercially viable by AML breakthroughs such as:

  • High magnetic flux density: AML’s superconducting coil technologies, such as Double-Helix™ and Stacked Saddle Coils™, operating in superconducting mode with unmatched field quality and reliability–reaching field strengths of several Tesla with extremely high field quality. With such high field strengths, high torque drive-train designs can be simplified resulting in reduced cost and higher reliability.
  • Reduced heat loads: For non-superconducting electromagnets, our Direct Double-Helix™ magnet coils are designed to achieve optimum performance based on the unique capability to vary the conductor cross-section along a 3D path – reducing coil resistance by 30% to 70%. Furthermore, cooling is optimum – with conductors in direct contact with coolant, which results in boosting the “current density” of resistive copper magnets by a factor of 20X – approaching superconductor levels.
  • Low mass, size and cost: AML designs are typically 20-50% smaller and lighter than their conventional counterparts of equivalent power. Reduced size and weight can have a significant impact on costs, such as tower and foundation costs in wind-power generator applications.
  • High reliability: AML superconducting coils are packaged such that the conductors are precisely positioned and contained in substrate grooves. This form of packaging provides a very high degree of protection against short circuits in windings. Individual winding layers are separated by a high-strength composite. This very robust structure remains mechanically stable under the high rotational forces and strong magnetic fields experienced in high-torque applications.
  • Packaging flexibiity: Due to the unique winding pattern, AML offer fewer constraints on packaging than conventional coils. This enables designs that offer more options for passive or active cooling of the rotor assembly.

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