Enabling Permanent Magnets

AML’s- New Generation of Permanent Magnets

AML has invented a novel and enabling technology, having the potential to revolutionize permanent magnet manufacturing and magnet-based products – transforming energy, medical, transportation and environmental industries.

Overcoming the industry problem

Permanent magnets (PM), made from a mixture of materials such as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), provide the “energy element” for most magnet-based industrial products. These magnets are manufactured using a powdered metallurgical process that is limited to simple shapes like discs, cuboids and rods. The majority of PM based products, like motors or medical devices, require more complex profiles and magnetization techniques.

Existing processes use either complex molds or expensive machining of the very hard and brittle material to achieve the desired shape. Furthermore, assembly of PM components into products such as large industrial motors and generators is difficult and dangerous due to the enormous repulsive or attractive magnetic forces that have to be overcome.

AML’s Innovative Solution

A new PM manufacturing technology, named PM-WireTM, overcomes many inherent issues with conventional methods. The process allows mass-produced, cost-effective PM products, which are more robust, easily assembled into products and enables new – “wire like”, shape forms.

Conducive for today’s materials, the technology is potentially ideal solution to enable use of new PM and other materials under development worldwide – significantly increasing “energy density”.

Benefits of PM-Wire™

  • Increase Structural Integrity – Enables new applications such as high RPM motors/generators
  • Enables Cooling and Harsh Environments – sealed and protected from liquid / gas cooling median
  • Higher Reliability – more robust PM components and PM assemblies
  • Easier and Safer – simplified manufacturing of PM based products
  • Lower Cost Manufacturing – mass produced, in process forming of cross-section, long length pieces

For more information on PM-Wire™, email us at: info@amlsm.com
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