AML Applications Marketplace

AML Applications Marketplace

Helping you deliver the power of superconductivity and next-generation magnetics to the world

Nearly two decades in the making, the combination of AML’s Perfect-FieldTM Development Process, deep IP portfolio and unique licensing model comprise a powerful capability that enables the rapid creation of bold new applications across a broad spectrum of industries and markets.

As shown in the diagram below, our unique approach to the marketplace radiates outward — building from the point of our greatest strength, and leveraging technologies, capabilities and validated product platforms that can be applied across many industries.

How AML leverages core value for demonstration and road-to-market channels for product platforms that address multiple sectors

Click to enlarge: How AML leverages core value for demonstration and road-to-market channels for product platforms that address multiple sectors

1. The Perfect-FieldTM Application Development Process

This unprecedented end-to-end process builds upon AML’s unique know how and foundation of technologies including superconductivity, magnetics, composites, cryogenics and manufacturing–and how it all has to work together to enable high-performance applications.  Protected with layers of intellectual property (IP), this technology base supports our innovative product platforms and solutions.

2. Proven Product Platforms

AML’s product platforms include rotating machines, power distribution, high-field magnets and precision medical magnets – all of which can be demonstrated, adapted and fully developed for a broad range of applications.  These applications include large generators, motors, synchronous condensers, power conversion and distribution products, and high-field industrial and medical magnet solutions.

3. Value Proposition

Nearly twenty years of continuous innovation has established AML as one of a very few companies in the world with the experience and proven capability to harness the full potential in advanced magnetics and superconductivity.  By rewriting performance standards and enabling once-impossible capabilities, we can offer unprecedented value–enabling bold new applications that are optimized to be lighter, smaller, more efficient, more precise and more powerful.

4. Road to Market

AML’s commercialization plan addresses rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar markets through a combination of manufacturing, joint ventures, licensing and company spin-offs.  AML’s innovative Rapid-TrackTM Relationship and Licensing Model assures a business market launch of new products buy giving customers a range of options for business collaboration—including licensing and joint venture.

AML’s first Joint Venture, the Impact Innovation Alliance, leverages Chile’s strong government and industry commitment to accelerate commercialization of viable superconducting products.  The JV is expected to yield significant improvements in energy efficiency for Chile and worldwide – with the first products ready for global market introduction by 2016.

5. Key Market Segments

  • Renewable energy–Superconducting generators for large offshore wind turbines can achieve competitive “cost of energy” goals and eliminate the need for high-cost rare earth materials. Power distribution applied to wind and solar farms can significantly increase power transmission efficiency.
  • Industry–Extreme efficiency (up to 99%) in large industrial motors dramatically reduces energy costs. Innovative power distribution systems can significantly increase the scalability and energy efficiency of large, megawatt-consuming facilities such as electro refineries and data centers.
  • Transportation–Rotating electrical machines configured for propulsion systems are significantly smaller and lighter, and enable next-generation transportation systems such as all-electric ships, airplanes and airships. The result is transportation that is more fuel-efficient, quieter and environmentally benign.
  • Waste and industrial processes–High-field magnets, having unique magnetic field characteristics, enable a cost-effective means for treating fluids such as industrial wastewater and, drinking water, and can improve or enable treatment processes for forestry, mining and manufacturing.
  • Medical treatments and procedures— Precision magnets remove the constraints that have impeded the design and manufacturing of new generations of precise, high-performance medical applications. The capability now exists to develop magnetic solutions for addressing some the most challenging medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders.

6. Global Impact

AML represents the world’s most comprehensive scope of enabling technologies, products and partnerships, fully focused on overcoming some of humanity’s greatest challenges through advanced materials and magnet-based solutions.   The marketplace for AML’s remarkable technology and business approach is vast in its scale and its importance–encompassing energy, medicine, transportation and the environment. The innovations we and our partners bring to those industries will improve the health and living conditions of hundreds of millions of people around the globe.