Investment Information

Investment Information

AML brings next-generation magnetic technologies to the commercial mainstream–for global social impact, and to reshape multi-billion-dollar markets

AML’s evolution as a technology pioneer is aligning with global market forces – making the company uniquely positioned to fill a strategic need across industries and across borders. Fortified with nearly two decades of innovation experience, a deep portfolio of patents, unique application development and manufacturing processes, and an established reputation as a valuable partner to corporations, government agencies, universities and leading research laboratories around the world.

AML’s strategic repositioning as a technology licensing business partner

AML has devoted years and significant resources putting together the essential ingredients for this new chapter of our corporate life:

  • A large body of intellectual property, including patented technologies and processes
  • Deep experience in core applications, including energy and medicine
  • Validated product platforms and endorsement of our technology and our organization by such respected sources a Emerson Electric, NASA, Chilean Government and Industry, and the U.S. Department of Energy
  • The momentum gained at critical stages in our growth-funded by contracts and grants awarded by a broad range of corporations, government agencies and private foundations

AML is now ready to leverage these gains for accelerated business growth – enabling new company spinouts and visionary companies the ability to transform their markets with  advanced magnetic technologies.

Investment Opportunities

AML’s flexible business model allows for investors to participate in various capacities including:

  • Equity in AML parent company
  • Focused market sectors such as medical – AML Medical
  • Focused product developments such as – Large Electrical Machinery 
  • Focused new material developments such as – Enabling permanent magnet or superconductor technologies

For a deeper confidential discussion regarding AML’s vision and transition roadmap, strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities, visionary investors with an eye toward economic and social impact are invited to contact AML –