Company Overview

Company Overview

AML brings superconductivity and next-generation magnetic technologies into the commercial mainstream

Founded in 1995, AML is a recognized leader in the development of innovative magnet-based and superconducting applications.  This puts us at the forefront of the most anticipated transformational solutions in a broad range of sectors, including energy, industrial solutions, transportation, water treatment and medical solutions.  By enabling such critical solutions, AML helps our customers deliver significant economic and social impact around the world.

Company Overview, Innovation and Products

A unique, holistic IP approach

Unlike any other company, AML offers a total, end-to-end capability that brings together advanced technologies, skills and specialized knowledge sharply focused on the commercialization of superconductivity and high-performance magnetics.  With our Perfect-FieldTM Application Development Process at its heart, our layered intellectual property portfolio is comprised of dozens of existing and pending patents that cover hundreds of discrete technologies and capabilities. It also encompasses dozens of strategic partners, as well as an impressive list of international science projects, laboratories, universities, foundations and government agencies.


The power of combining deep, “layered” IP—and precisely defined licensing

Unlike other technology companies that license patents in the conventional way, AML gives customers rights to all of our IP (intellectual property), including core technologies, trade secrets and knowhow, both existing and future.  The licensing of this IP spectrum is based on narrow, well-defined “fields-of-use” which give visionary companies complete and defensible control over specific high-value market opportunities.

Perfect-FieldTM and Rapid-TrackTM: engineering your success

Our large body of IP and experience provides the building blocks of a revolutionary development process that enables new commercial applications with performance capabilities that were once considered unachievable.  AML’s revolutionary Perfect-FieldTM Application Development Process and Rapid-TrackTM Relationship and Licensing Model are designed to ensure the market success of our customers.

Along with our revolutionary IP philosophy, these innovations guide both the technical and business aspects of our collaboration with customers–to provide transparency and well-defined milestones, and accelerate time to market for exciting new applications – all in a way that is remarkably cost-effective.

All that needs to be added to this success formula is your vision.   If you can imagine an innovative superconducting or next-generation magnet-based application that could transform your market, we can help you make it a reality.  Submit your application overview.