Chilean Joint Venture

An international joint venture devoted to commercializing sustainable solutions for the mining industry and environment

AML is a major partner in this new $20 million joint venture with the sustainability-focused social impact foundation Avina and the Advanced Innovation Center-Chile. This ambitious collaboration – Impact Innovation Alliance – is developing major demonstration projects for addressing both Chilean and global mining and environmental applications.

These high-profile, large-scale projects, such as magnetic separation for wastewater, will prove technical performance and commercial viability on an international stage and will help propagate new solutions for sustainable energy, purer water and cleaner, more efficient industries.

Impact Alliance Graphic 1

Why is Chile such a Logical Showcase?

The country of Chile (and South America overall) has a strong interest in developing innovative technologies, products and applications, which can leverage existing assets as an ideal environment to develop, test and showcase new technologies which address both Chile and the global demand for lower cost energy and improved environment. Chile’s unique geography, electricity grid and industrial footprint enable ease of access to engage with public and private stakeholders including:

  • Major Industry: Mining, Forestry, Manufacturing
  • Government and Universities
  • Natural Resources: Renewable Energy, Raw Materials

IIA leadership attending February 2016 Board of Directors meeting in Melbourne, FL.

Feb 2016 IIA Board Meeting
Mark Senti, AML; Fernando Gray, IIA; Daniel Gonzales, Avina; Vernon Prince, AML; Dr. Rainer Meinke, AML; Sean McKaughan, Avina; Edgar Pelaez, AIC; Alfredo Zolezzi, AIC

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