AML Expands Its Business Opening Of An Office In The Silicon Valley

Melbourne, Florida: AML Superconductivity and Magnetics (AML), currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a leading technology developer, announced today that it is moving its business development activities to the Silicon Valley. Now based out of Palo Alto, California, AML’s new business activities  leverages the Valley’s unique ecosystem of leading technology companies, research and the world’s hotbed for venture capital.
According to the Company’s Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Dr. Rainer Meinke, “I am extremely excited with this decision to put the company at center-stage for global deployment of our proven technology platform in new markets – such as game changing medical diagnosis and treatments.”
The move is expected to result in significant business engagements based on the strong value proposition for enabling high-impact applications within a business environment that thrives on next generation solutions for energy, medicine, water, and the environment.
“Business development activities will leverage AML’s existing relationships with leading organizations in the Silicon Valley to establish joint product developments, technology licensing and the creation of new medical device focused companies,” says Mark Senti, AML President, who will lead this initiative.

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